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Le coq aux champs: un livre de recettes

240 pages to … be devoured, this is how I want this book to appear and belong to you. Illustrated with Jean-Pierre Gabriel’s exquisite photographs, and descriptions of Le Coq aux Champs, the seasons, the ingredients and the flavours. There are 171 easy-to-prepare gourmet recipes. Dishes that have become the hallmark of Le Coq aux Champs, with new takes on a recipe or a vegetable, the basics and tips, secrets to give you the desire to cook and to provide you with the keys to success. I have written my recipe book with the aim of it becoming truly Yours! A book to inspire, to be shared and to delight you … in your kitchen!

LE COQ AUX CHAMPS Un Livre de Recettes by Christophe Pauly. Photographs by Jean-Pierre Gabriel. Renaissance du Livre. 19×23,5cm.